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Getting to WOW

Showing real value

For most SaaS products, it takes too long for the customer to see real value, so they just walk away. For a visitor to become a trial, and a trial to become a customer, you need to think critically about what the "wow" moment is - how long is it until that person sees real value from your SaaS?

In Gail Goodman's classic talk The Long, Slow, SaaS Ramp of Death (required watching for any SaaS founder), she describes that moment as the "WOW" experience - which doesn't just mean that a customer is happy, but that they are BLOWN AWAY:

When someone tries or buys your product, they have a WOW experience. They get QUICK to an understanding or outcome that BLOWS THEM AWAY

She goes on to recommend that you instrument your product to make sure you can tell where people are getting caught and stuck - do you know where trials get the most stuck before they churn?

The point is not that you're just "one feature" away from converting all those trials to customers - but that the WOW moment comes too slowly, or not at all.

One thing to do today

Write down a single WOW moment that you'd like every customer to have. Does your customer ever experience that wow moment today?

  • If not, brainstorm 3 ways you could tweak your on boarding experience to make them have that moment.
  • If they do experience it, how quickly does that moment come? Brainstorm 3 ways to speed up the "time to WOW".

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